*GASP* You've found our secret spot! Well done you.
As you may have noticed, we share a first name. And a nice one at that.
So to make it easier for everyone, we go by Jess & Jessie. Simple, right?
That's not enough for some people. Somehow, we've ended up with a barrage of nicknames over the past year.
So naturally, we've rated every single one.
(And given you something to listen to while you read them).
J&J: 10/10. It's quick, it's casual, and we use this a lot to sign off emails.
Newman & Murphy: 8/10. Nice, but points taken off for sounding like a law firm.
Eddie & Gary: -1000/10. Nope.
"Jess" & "The Other Jess": 3/10. Jess: "I think 9/10 is good?" Other Jess: "You would say that"
Jess M. and Jess N: 2/10. Lacks flair and excitement, very uninspired.
Jess 1 & Jess 2: 5/10. Neither over nor under, but simply whelmed. Makes us think of Thing 1 & Thing 2. 
Jessicae (PL.): 10,000/10. It's a whole new noun, we love it.
Double J: 13/10. It's also the name of our professional breakdancing act.
Jess²: 11/10. Another favourite. Often stylised Jess Squared, which is less fun.
Slugger & Scone: -2 million/10. We'd really rather not go into this one.
J&J Music Factory: +2 million/10. Get ready for our new track, "Gonna Make You Buy (Everybody Ad Now)"
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